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New Release:

Choking The Moon


Author: Robert Letters

Publication Date: April 16, 2024


climbing the maple
choking the moon

This collection is true to the traditional Japanese form, yet pushes English language haiku and senryu into new and unexplored territory.

  "# 1 New Release in Haiku and Japanese poetry!"

                                  -On Amazon


Coming Soon:

Dry Grass

Author: Robert Letters

Publication Date: Coming Soon


Tanka, the 31 syllable (or Japanese on) poetic form is well suited for a wide range of concise, emotional expressions in English.


we were lying

on the bank

in dry grass

the summer night

hiding us


This collection contains tanka selected from Robert Letters’ previous collections, as well as new, previously unpublished poems. The poems explore passion, memory, and mystery in an extended meditation on a long, evolving relationship.


do you remember

the dry grass

against our skin

in the field behind the house

after they all fell asleep


Featured Book:

Come and Live: Selected Work of Elsie Fitzsimons Hale

Author: Elsie Fitzsimons Hale

Editor: Elizabeth Hale

Publication Date: May 1, 2021

Elsie Fitzsimons Hale’s work was inspired by fundamental things: her love of nature and the outdoors, her spiritual faith, and her devotion to marriage and family. Built on the foundation of these themes, poetry became a way of life for her – a means to express her joy of living and her faith in God. Her poems give us a record of a mystical practice of daily spiritual celebration.

The vision of life that is reflected in her poems is especially useful and necessary at this moment. It speaks of positivity, faith, and gratitude rather than grievance and anger. It celebrates the good, the natural, the simple things. Most of all, it reminds us of the virtue of courage in the face of the misfortunes and tragedies that befall us.

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