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The Paucus Publishing Company was founded in 2018 to publish work that might be outside the mainstream of literary, musical, or artistic culture. Such work often encounters impediments to distribution.

The writers published here are typically less concerned with marketplace competition or fame than they are with the externalization of their creative impulses.

In his 1947 manifesto, Jean Dubuffet coined the term art brut (or raw art.) "We understand by this term works produced by persons unscathed by artistic culture. These artists derive everything from their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art." Speaking of art appreciated by the current cultural market, Dubuffet wrote, "everyone immediately sprinkles it with champagne, and lecturers lead it from town to town with a ring through its nose.”

In 1972 Roger Cardinal characterized art brut as “Outsider Art,” and wrote, “the critical definition of the creative Outsider is that he or she should be possessed of an expressive impulse and should then externalize that impulse in an unmonitored way which defies conventional art-historical contextualization.".

The Paucus Publishing Company’s paradoxical mission is to provide an audience for the Outsider whose primary motivation is not consideration of audience.

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